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Our juice

Our aim from day one has been to create a wide selection of unique tasting liquids across a range of different flavours. As the industry has grown so much from when we began it has been important for us to keep up to date with market trends and consumer needs. As a result we have developed an extensive catalogue of flavours to choose from.

Each of our flavours have been created in our lab with an unparalleled amount of time spent focusing on producing a remarkable taste within each e-liquid.

We understand the varying tastes of the nation when it comes to choosing a flavour that you like to vape. In addition many of you who vape tend to stay within the same flavour profile. This is why we have not only created a wide variety of flavours but we have also created a wide range of flavours within individual profiles such as tobacco, menthol, fruits, sweets etc. This ensures that our customers have an almost endless list of liquids to choose from.